How can we empower Disabled, Deaf students and Allies to make meaningful change in post-secondary education access?


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Our research explores the role student governments in the State of Washington take in addressing educational inequity for students with disabilities. Specifically, we explore the work of the ASUW Student Disability Commission at the University of Washington- Seattle.

Since 2004, the program housed within the student government at the University of Washington (ASUW) has:


  • Lead campus-wide campaigns to address educational inequities

  • Developed and funded events for the community

  • Served as a peer resource and advocate to Disabled and Deaf students

  • Secured funding for the development of new student programs, to improve access to student life and the university.

Unlike other programs to serve Disabled and Deaf students, the ASUW Student Disability Commission is completely led and funded by students, leading to a degree of autonomy and access to resources unseen in other institutions across the State of Washington, and perhaps the nation.

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